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Rustic remodeled kitchen, with warm color tones and rich custom cabinets.
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We are proud to show off this 90-year-old house in Midtown Tulsa remodel. Keeping its charm intact, we added modern updates. By working closely with our clients, we transformed every part of the house, turning challenges into opportunities. The result is a beautiful home that combines old-world allure with modern elegance—a prime example of the power of renovation and restoration.

A Showcase of Excellence

Our team’s skilled craftsmanship is evident in the beautiful trim work and curved archways of this Midtown Tulsa remodel. Moreover, the renovation seamlessly blends the home’s rich history with modern upgrades, thus creating a space that is both timeless and inviting. This successful fusion showcases our commitment to preserving heritage while embracing contemporary living.

Keeping Tulsa Classic

We specialize in transforming classic homes in the city. If you own one of these treasures and want to blend tradition with modernity, we can help. Experience the magic of Midtown Tulsa remodeling with us and redefine your home.

Emphasis on Craftsmanship

We are committed to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional work. Our passionate team ensures your satisfaction and offers a 1-year craftsmanship warranty for peace of mind.

crop artisan measuring piece of wood in workshop
Teass Warren Architects and The Block Builders Group redefine a midcentury home to incorporate aging-in-place elements and provide hobby spaces.

Design Solutions: Modern Take

written by Kyle Clapham

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A couple found their dream home, a beautiful midcentury modern house. Moreover, they promptly hired an architect to make necessary changes to suit their needs and enhance accessibility. In addition, what’s more, the house boasts a cool retro vibe and establishes a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, overall, they adore how the designed changes align perfectly with their daily life.

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Home » Projects » Midtown Tulsa Remodel

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