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Shower, bathtub and floating shelves
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Check out these bathroom remodel before and after photos

So many beautiful options! Check out these bathroom options to see what we can do for you. Imagine the possibilities. There are so many functional improvements, think about the what you would change to make your life better. You are in the bathroom many times during the day, shouldn’t it fit your lifestyle?

Electrical outlets in the drawer! Floating shelves. and of course… STORAGE FOR DAYS!

Bathroom Vanity Before and After
Tub Before and After
Shower Before and After

Emphasis on Craftsmanship

We are dedicated to crafting exceptional work that exceeds your expectations. Our skilled team pours passion into every project, ensuring your satisfaction. Plus, we offer a 1-year craftsmanship warranty for added peace of mind.

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Details Matter

Let our designers find the fixtures to match your style

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  • Vanity: Soft-close drawers and doors, adjustable shelves, and built-in electrical outlets.
  • Sink: Undermount or vessel style, single or double basin, and material options such as porcelain or stone.
  • Faucet: Single or double handle, wall-mounted or deck-mounted, and finish options such as chrome or brushed nickel.
  • Toilet: Water-saving features such as dual-flush or low-flow, elongated bowl for comfort, and easy-to-clean design.
  • Showerhead: Adjustable spray patterns, water-saving features such as low-flow or aerated spray, and finish options such as chrome or brushed nickel.
  • Bathtub: Material options such as acrylic or cast iron, built-in armrests and lumbar support, and whirlpool or air-jet options.
  • Lighting: LED lighting for energy efficiency, dimmer switches for ambiance control, and moisture-resistant fixtures for durability.
  • Flooring: Material options such as ceramic tile or luxury vinyl plank, slip-resistant surface for safety, and radiant heating for comfort.
  • Walls and ceiling: Moisture-resistant materials such as cement board or fiberglass panels, mold-resistant paint or wallpaper, and decorative tile accents.
  • Storage: Built-in medicine cabinets with adjustable shelves and mirrors, open shelving for towels and toiletries, and custom cabinetry for a personalized look.

ROI for a Bathroom Remodel

ROI for a Bathroom Remodel

This article discusses the impact of bathroom remodels on home resale value, highlighting that minor cosmetic changes can yield a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1 spent; it advises homeowners to consider local market demand, necessary repairs, and potential returns on investment before remodeling their bathrooms for resale, with a focus on improving functionality, layout, and maintaining a neutral design to attract buyers.

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Home » Projects » Bathroom Before and After Options

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