Our Interior Designer Can Create a Free 3D Rendering of Your Remodel

Welcome to the ultimate kitchen remodeling experience! Our interior design team want you to see your dream kitchen or bathroom come to life.

We are thrilled to offer you the opportunity to present your options. For a limited time, our interior design team is providing their services to lay out the details of your renovation. You will receive a consultation, a suggested floor plan, and a free 3D rendering of your project. Step into your new space, explore every detail, and make informed decisions about your remodel like never before. Say goodbye to uncertainty and say hello to a crystal-clear vision of your dream home.

As an interior designer, my passion lies in transforming spaces into harmonious and visually captivating environments. I begin by meticulously crafting floor plans that maximize functionality while reflecting my clients’ unique tastes and lifestyles. With an acute eye for detail, I then bring these plans to life through 3D rendering, allowing clients to step into their future spaces virtually. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a living experience that seamlessly combines form and function, turning houses into homes that resonate with the soul.

Kat Davis, Designer and Owner ReHome Remodeling and Construction

Don’t miss out on this exclusive chance to transform your home into a culinary haven or calming oasis.

Claim your free meeting with our interior design team and get your 3D model now!

Interior design services are valued at over $2,000 and we are offering this free to customers in the Tulsa, Oklahoma Area for a limited time.

See your project become a reality!

This image shows the progression of a project from 3D to the final project
TOP: 3D Render BOTTOM: Final Project

Top 3 Reasons to Include a Interior Design Overview:

Precision Planning:

Planning your project with the necessary details becomes possible through a 3D model. You can experiment with different layouts, materials, and color schemes, and careful design of every aspect before begining construction.

Time and Money Savings:

Visualizing your remodel in 3D allows you to catch design flaws and make early adjustments, saving both time and money by avoiding costly and time-consuming revisions during the actual renovation process.

Clear Communication:

A plan communicates of your ideas to builders and designers, making sure there is and understanding and teamwork making your vision real. This approach to the remodeling journey leads to a more successful outcome for all parties involved.

Interior designers are here to create your floor plans
See the floor plan, layout, and the 3D render.

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