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Completing Your Project with Style

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next home improvement? If so, you’ll be excited to discover how ReHome can turn your vision into reality. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our project portfolio. From breathtaking bathroom makeovers to functional kitchen upgrades, from transformative window replacements to extensive whole-house renovations, and even the creation of inviting outdoor living spaces or applying a fresh coat of paint. In other words, our versatility knows no bounds.

Bathroom Makeovers: Relaxing Havens with Luxurious Finishes

One of the most popular renovations we do is bathroom remodeling. We believe in the importance to have a bathroom that suits your needs. We work with you to design and install the best fixtures, finishes, and features for your bathroom, from bathtubs and showers to vanities and tiles.

Kitchen Upgrades: Modern and Practical Spaces with Stunning Finishes

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where you cook, eat, entertain, and spend time with your family. That’s to say, everything from appliances and custom cabinets to countertops and backsplashes should work together. Therefore, we blend practicality and style, creating spaces that are functional, beautiful, and durable.

Window Replacements: Energy-Efficient and Attractive Solutions

Thinking about giving your place a bit of a facelift? You might wanna peep at window replacements – seriously, they’re a total game-changer. Windows are like the unsung heroes, letting that sunshine flood in, keeping things fresh, and giving your home a fresh look.

As windows age, their functionality might start to waver. This can lead to energy wastage and, well, a less appealing look. Consequently, lower energy bills. Additionally, it’s a chance to give your home a total facelift, as a result, increase your home’s curb appeal. We’re talking loads of options here: vinyl, wood, casement, and sliding styles, just to name a few. It’s not just about function, it’s about adding that extra charm and style, making homes even more captivating while being energy-conscious.

Whole-House Renovations: Customized Spaces for Your Lifestyle

You might want to redesign your entire house to suit your needs and wants, resulting in a home that compliments your lifestyle. Furthermore, your remodel can provide; more space, more functionality, more comfort, or more style. We are here to help you with our whole-house renovations. From demolition and framing to plumbing, electrical flooring and paint, we work with you to create rooms that match your vision and budget.

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Don’t know where to start? Meet with our interior designer to see your options.

Outdoor Living Spaces: Charming and Inviting Areas for Enjoyment

Think outdoor living spaces! These spots are like a retreat for our busy life, perfect for soaking in nature, throwing parties, or just kicking back with your friends. Additionally, we don’t for the small details – adding built in firepits, benches, plumbed plant beds and sun covers, these options can move a space from good to awesome.

Painting Services: Fresh Colors that Revitalize Rooms

Looking to give your home a fresh vibe without breaking the bank? Seriously, painting’s the way to go! It’s like magic – taking your place from drab to fab in no time. Plus, it’s a total expression of your style and feels.

Our painters are true professionals. Therefore, they use quality paints, stains and finishing methods, resulting in a sleek and seamless result. However, we’re not just about slapping on color. We’re like matchmakers for your walls, finding the perfect shades, most important fits your stlye.

ReHome: Tulsa’s Home Improvement Expert

Our past successes show that are more than just a regular contractor, because we partner with you bring your ideas to life. From a comfy bathroom, dreamy kitchen, new windows, a whole new house, beautiful exteriors, to a professional paint job. Your home’s potential is limitless with ReHome.

Our Portfolio

  • Bathroom Before and After Options

    Bathroom Before and After Options

    Check out these bathroom remodel before and after photos So many beautiful options! Check out these bathroom options to see what we can do for you. Imagine the possibilities. There are so many functional improvements, think about the what you would change to make your life better. You are in the bathroom many times during…

  • Midtown Tulsa Remodel

    Midtown Tulsa Remodel

    We are proud to show off this 90-year-old house in Midtown Tulsa remodel. Keeping its charm intact, we added modern updates. By working closely with our clients, we transformed every part of the house, turning challenges into opportunities. The result is a beautiful home that combines old-world allure with modern elegance—a prime example of the…

  • The Honeycomb!

    The Honeycomb!

    Hello Honeycomb!  There is a classic elegance to gold, Navy Blue, and honeycomb tile. Check out the Secret Storage that was CUSTOM built by our Craftsmen.

  • The Reclaimed Kitchen

    The Reclaimed Kitchen

    Rustic, Modern and Functional We worked with the Miss Julie on this complete Kitchen update.  This one-of-a-kind custom kitchen remodels features reclaimed rustic materials of banded iron, reclaimed cedar, and iron pipe.  Her kitchen was desperately small and completely closed off from the rest of the house. We tore down walls, removed a bedroom to open…

  • The Mother-in-Law Suite

    The Mother-in-Law Suite

    An Amazing Garage Conversion This garage conversion was to provide a home for this family’s mother-in-law. suite for Miss Kareen. She wanted to live close to her family’s farm, but still have her own space. Complete with full kitchen that is the envy of the son-in-law, which includes movable kitchen island, modern appliances, and ample…

  • Bathroom Renovation with an Industrial Vibe

    Bathroom Renovation with an Industrial Vibe

    Industrial Elegance at its Best! Step into a new bathroom which marries a cool factory vibe with a touch of the modern. We teamed up closely with our clients, who have a great sense of style, to create this special bathroom retreat. In this custom bathroom renovation, we’ll reveal how we blended these elements with…

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