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Explore Options for your Bathroom Remodel

Homeowners remodel bathrooms for various reasons. Some want to update their 1980’s worn out bathroom, to changing a tub that is difficult to get into to a spacious walk-in shower. One thing’s certain: bathroom remodels offer great returns on investment.

A bathroom remodel can up your home’s value by 3%. Minor renovations yield an approximate $1.70 increase in your home’s value for every dollar you spend on the project.

Nationally, the average bathroom remodel costs $26,574 in 2022 and can expect a return on investment of 60.22%.
93% of homeowners reported a better quality of life after a home renovation. – Cost vs. Value

Approaches For Remodeling your Bathroom

Cosmetic for a Fresh Look

Cosmetic updates make a big difference. Think new countertops, vanities, sinks, wall tiles, paint, and flooring. Faucets and fixtures get an upgrade too. These changes focus on looks, without altering the floor plan.

Transitioning to a different kind of bathroom makeover, the cosmetic redo is a popular option. These changes might seem simple, but they can bring a fresh feel to your space. Just imagine it – modern countertops, stylish vanities, and updated sinks. Even more, homeowners often go for new wall tiles, a lively splash of paint, and a complete floor upgrade. When the chance for an upgrade arises, many also choose to replace faucets and fixtures. However, keep in mind that these makeovers mainly focus on improving the looks and usually don’t involve changing the existing floor plan.

Tailored Changes

Cater to specific needs; add a sink, switch a shower to a tub for kids, or change the layout with a vanity or toilet move.

For those seeking a more customized touch, sink remodels offer an avenue to satisfy specific requirements. Some choose to add an extra sink for their spouse, while others switch a shower to a bathtub, catering to the needs of a young child. As creativity flows, homeowners might decide to reconfigure the space, introducing a vanity, relocating the toilet, or even integrating a closet.

Changing Layouts

Master bathroom remodels change layouts. Unused tubs become showers, giving a whole new vibe.

Embracing a broader scope, master bathroom remodels delve into the art of altering floor plans. In instances where the sprawling Roman tub lies unused, a remarkable transformation unfolds – the tub seamlessly morphs into a rejuvenating shower. Notably, the very essence of the room undergoes a captivating metamorphosis, mirroring how the layout itself undergoes an imaginative reimagining.

Expanding Spaces

Adding a bathroom eases family stress and increases your home’s value.

A whole new realm of options open up with bathroom additions. The reason often stems from the need to accommodate a growing family or the rising trend of aging in place. As families expand, the stress of sharing a single bathroom often leads to the addition of another. A particularly popular trend is to include of a downstairs bathroom to improve ease of movement for those aging in place.

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Plan Ahead

Don’t wait till the last minute, contact us early for your remodel. Materials take time, redesigns need planning, and permits can be slow. In bathroom remodels, there’s a solution for everyone. Let’s work together to create your dream bathroom – beautiful and functional. Let’s start now!

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