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Exterior Siding Paint services

Do you need to repaint?

  • Ever noticed any chips or peeling paint on your walls?
  • Are there spots where the paint seems faded or discolored?
  • How about those high-traffic areas – any scuffs or marks that just won’t budge?
  • Have you been catching yourself daydreaming about a new color scheme or a fresh, updated look?
  • When was the last time you gave your home’s exterior a little TLC in the form of a new coat of paint?
  • Has your home been through some weather battles, leaving the paint a bit worse for wear?
  • Got kids or pets? Are your walls showing it?

Rehome Remodeling Painting Services wants to Repaint your home. We believe that our painters are the best in the Tulsa area, and we are sure your will too. Here is a list of the painting services Rehome provides.

Our Painting Services

  • Exterior home painting
  • Deck painting/staining
  • Floor staining
  • Expoxy floors
  • Interior painting
  • Staining and wood repair
  • Wood trim and siding repair
  • Pressure washing and painting decks
  • Playhouses and wooden swing sets

And the all-important she-sheds, and mancaves If you have a special project that needs a paint job, there is a good chance that Rehome’s Painting Services can do it for you. Let us look at your project and get you a quote.

Is Your Home giving you the warm fuzzies or Is it time for a


Give your space that much-needed makeover!

Curb Appeal

Making the decision to paint your home can be an overwhelming thought. Isn’t it time to stop procrastinating Give your home a fresh coat of paint and totally transform its appearance. With Rehome’s Painting Service, your home can become the star of the neighborhood, with vibrant colors and clean lines that increase your home’s value. The faded patches, old paint chips, and damaged wood are replaced by a flawless finish, making your home look brand new.

Whether you prefer classic shades or bold and trendy colors, Rehome can make it happen. So, if you’re ready to make your home the envy of the block, consider giving it a fresh look. Your house will thank you, and your neighbors will be amazed!

A Clean Feel Throughout

Your Home Painting the interior of your home makes the entire house feel clean, fresh, and inspiring. Do you need a small room painted a new inspiring color? Or possibly the whole interior needs a fresh new color scheme. Do your walls tell the story of how rough your kids and pets have been? We can do small drywall repairs and make your walls look like a new home. No matter your painting needs, Rehome Painting Services is here to make it happen.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Taking the brush to your home’s interior or exterior not only exemplifies your dedication to its well-being but can also lead to a substantial increase in its overall value. As mentioned previously, safeguarding your home enhances its value, aligning it with contemporary color palettes and design trends. This strategic move has the potential to not only capture the attention of potential buyers but also justify a higher price point. By giving your home the necessary attention through a fresh paint job, courtesy of Rehome Painting Services, you’re making a decision that’s not only on the mark but also a smart investment in your property’s future financial potential.

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